March 21, 2010

Learning to lap...

Well, it's three weeks and these little puppies will start learning to lap liquids.

Some are really getting the hang of lapping water. So far, I watch Nyx and Zeus lapping water. Just a little bit and on their own.

A few times now I brought in a warm dish of puppy formula so they can start to learn how to lap their food. Of all the books I have ready so far, most have different suggestions on what to start with and all of them all agree on how to start them. To start a puppy on lapping, you gently push their face in the yummy food so it gets all over their muzzle and they lick it off. Not to sound cruel or anything but it is so funny to watch. They sit back, licking their chomps. You can tell they are thinking about what they are eating. Not really sure about it. They walk through it and get it all over themselves.

Zeus with his eyes explained to me he knew of a better feeding facility than this place [plate] with perfect taking milk, temperature always perfect, and delicious.

Now, guess who was getting the idea of lapping and at least lapping the edges of the plate: Nyx. That's right, Nyx was lapping the edges of the plate and seem to be giving this 'whole food on a plate' thing a try. As for the boys, well, they insist there are better tasting food elsewhere.

Somehow Nyx got formula all over her back and Jersey was licking it off of her. Just don't tell him the stuff originally came from 'the plate'.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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  1. Haha: typical boys. Nyx demonstrates that, once again, the female sex is the brighter of the two and the more likely to survive by adapting. ;-)

    They are growing SO fast!