February 18, 2010

Chocolates and other sinful foods...

We humans can eat a variety of food and so can dog but unfortunately there are some foods that are considered toxic and should be avoided.

Chocolate – Our favourite sweet goodness is toxic to dogs. Sad but true. A little won’t hurt them but they will develop a taste for it and want more. For these little dogs, a whole chocolate bar could be could be dangerous for them. My Josie got into a box of Turtles once and had about three of them we think. She was very hyper for the rest of the day. We did call up our vet and explained what happened and received his advice if we should come in or not. If the same thing happens to you, it is always recommended to give your vet a call.

Onions – I don’t know how much of an onion cooked or raw can be dangerous to dogs. It would be safe to say avoid when possible.

Grapes – Some say grapes are toxic to dogs. I am not sure so I avoid it when possible.

Tomatoes – I personally do not think this one is true only because I often see tomatoes listed in some commercial dog foods. This one you may have to do your own research on.

What everyone can agree on is chocolates and dogs shouldn't mix!

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