December 17, 2009

Planning to Travel...

Josie knows mom is planning a trip and she wonders why she cannot come along. Josie says will behave, not take up too much space, and informs her mom she won't even notice she is there.

Good, then then Josie might as well stay home.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs


  1. Well its nice to see some one of our humand's that agree with my humand "Pal" is his mame..well to my story..
    About 4 mo ago my 1/2 brother Rocko 12 1/2 years old was so sick, the vet said take him home so he can go in peace,well "Pal" went to one of my other pages & started to read about raw food for us dogs well home came the chicken & off we were... (By the way Turkey & grapes & raisen's are toxic to us also the green tennis ball's ) well Rocko is a new doxie up and running around & also me & Lucy have lost a few lbs.
    But I tell you what I LOVE CHICKEN...
    Hope all have a great Happy New Year. from me,Lucy,Rocko & "Pal"

  2. i think she should go on the trip...

    sorry bout the other post ti was suspose to go to the Chicke post..

    Have a grea t up and comming year Buddy

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