December 3, 2009

Charges Laid Against Five Senior Toronto Humane Society

I don’t know if the charges laid against the five senior Toronto Humane Society is just or not. The Ontario SPCA raided their facilities last week Thursday; and they are being charged with cruelty to animals. The word out around various areas on the internet is THS purposely do not put down very sick animals to keep their euthanasia statistics down for the main purpose of playing to the hearts of their donors and their pockets. I have no idea if this really true; or just the rumours going around.

The THS was raid only five months previously by the Ontario SPCA, back in June 2009, and the Ontario SPCA suspended THS’s membership.

I would hate to think any of this is true since I don’t understand how any person or organization could be cruel to animals. I will be watching how the events unfold.

What I believe is that there would be less of need or strain to local humane societies of pets (dogs and cats) if breeders would be accountable to the puppies and kittens they sell. Reputable breeders are accountable to the puppies and kittens they sell.

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