November 23, 2009

The Tale of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Thief

Not long ago, Caillee was a sneaky little girl.

I went to the back door and called the girls to the back yard. Josie came right away, I thought that was a bit odd since it is usually Caillee who always beats Josie to the back door. Turns out that Caillee was trying to steal food from my bowl I left on the coffee table, I didn't see her, I couldn't see her from where I was, just heard the fork clang against the bowl and I immediately told Caillee to leave it and with disappointment she dropped it.

Oh that sneaky girl I thought. Waited until I was out of sight to steal food.

She now went outside to do her business. Hubby came out to join us since it was so nice out. Caillee immediately wanted to go back inside the house. We both didn't think it was odd, Caillee often prefers the climate control sofa.

From outside the window, hubby and I watched Caillee pushed the door open, walk to the sofa, walk past the sofa and got her two front paws on the coffee table and grabbed a large chocolate chip cookie....

I yelled "Leave it".

Hubby ran towards house.

Caillee dropped the cookie cold and ran from the scene of the crime.

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