August 7, 2009

Josie and Caillee Need Help to Name the New Pet Betta Fish

The previous owner of our house left behind two Red Betta Fish. One in each bathroom. Each was contained in a vase attached to the wall. We thought it was kind of neat that they did that but we weren't really expecting them to be left behind.

Josie, Caillee, and I have saved them from their almost toilet fate when I had expressed that I didn't really want them to a family member. They are here and I couldn't, wouldn't let them go unnaturally. That's just not right.

So now we have two red coloured Betta fish with no names. They need names. Anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps I should make this into a bit of a contest and with a small prize too . There are some possibilities here for a bit of fun, for sure.

Name the Betta Fish!

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