July 10, 2009

A Visit from Cali

We got to see Cali, Caillee's puppy girl back in March. Cali lives near Toronto so we all can visit Cali more often. Caillee is pretty excited about this.

We were visiting a mutual friend on our way into Niagara Region. We were passing through and had a good time doing so.

Josie doesn't seem to care but would like to know if she has to come along if there will be any doggie treats involved and points out that she likes the meaty type of doggie treats the best, should anyone be asking. “Oh Josie, you cannot be the centre of attention all the time my dear.”

It's pretty neat how Cali looks just like her mom, Caillee. Cali's mom sent in another photo of her and on a scooter. Sorry guys, you will have to wait to see it. Caillee is one proud mom.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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