July 20, 2009

That Josie Girl, She is so Full of Herself...

The other day while visiting relatives we ending up talking about this Pretty In Pink Dogs website and my host said and I quote:

"That Josie girl, she is so full of herself. Everything is about her."

Her comment stuck me rather funny. This is Josie's online persona I have created for her but in many ways I have not stretched the truth too much as I find it can very much be her offline persona too at times.

I often refer about Josie to others who may be visiting that Josie is our Moral Officer. If anyone follows Star Trek Voyager, a TV Series, might catch on to this silly inside joke. Many people never do and now that it has been said out loud, I guess it is no longer an inside joke. She loves to greet everyone and be the centre of attention. She takes her Moral Officer position very seriously as any good Bolognese should and takes great pride in her work.

Keep up the good work Josie, you Diva!
Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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