July 6, 2009

The Move: Getting the Moving Truck

We all decided to move back home to Ontario: 6/25 Part Series. Moving is never closure but a hope for a new beginning.

Here is the biggest U-Haul trailer you can possibly rent from U-Haul, their 26' truck. We used this truck to haul all are possessions from Winnipeg Manitoba to St. Catharines Ontario.

The person at the dealership we picked up the trailer from allowed us to take it first to load all our stuff and come back to hook up the car hitch. I thought that was very kind and generous of him.

The truck was so big, we needed to make sure there was a 12' clearance under any bridge we drove under.

Josie and Caillee really took to the travelling lifestyle, they handled themselves really well in the truck.

Moving Tip #6: Make sure you check the distance you will need to travel from point A to point B and make sure you have been allowed a generous amount of distance from your rental company to make the trip.

We didn't have any problems this trip. When we moved from St. Catharines Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba, the truck rental company didn't give us enough mileage to cover the distance to make the move and wanted up to pay the difference in extra mileage charges. We did get the matter cleared up but not without the aid from google map to explain the minimum required mileage to cover the distance didn't match what we were first allowed.

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