June 12, 2009

Raccoons Need Rescuing

I read a local story of an Oakville resident having a hard time figuring out what do with with a couple of orphaned baby raccoons.

While driving home one day, she noticed a dead raccoon on the side of the road. Later that day she find two baby raccoons outside her front door. After two days of trying to make sure their mother would find them according to instructions given by the local human society, she now has to find someone else to take care of them.

All the agencies she has called are full and cannot take the baby raccoons. Only one agency so far will take the raccoons off her hands but only to euthanize them. The real kicker is that it is illegal for her to continue to take care of them in Canada. You have to be a licensed wildlife rehabilitater.

So if she continues to take care of them, they will be taken away anyway and killed; and she will be charged or fined.

She cannot keep the raccoons:
  1. The more human attention they get the less likely they will survive on their own without continued human assistance or they will just get accustomed to humans which is never good for wild animals.
  2. The authorities will eventually charge her for keeping wildlife at her place of residence.
Either way, she cannot keep the raccoons. Nor does she want to according to the article. And understandably so. Just sounds like she wants no harms happen to the poor young baby raccoons and for them to live wild and free. Sounds like one noble cause if you ask me.

This sure doesn't seem fair for her or the baby raccoons.

"Milloy is also asking any licenced wildlife rehabilitators who can help her to e-mail her at uchatme13@gmail.com."

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