June 24, 2009

The Move: Packing

We all decided to move back home to Ontario: 3/25 Part Series. Reconnecting with old friends is important too.

Caillee was very excited watching all that was happening. She was helpful packing up the house, always by our side making sure we didn't miss a thing. Caillee took the time every once in a while to remind us that she needed a good grooming in between all this packing.

Still, Josie is always a very good supervisor, keeping a watchful eye over all that hussle and bussle.

Moving Tip #3: Keep all your receipts regarding your move in a large envelope. If your move helps you to reduces the amount of kilometers commuted each day to your work by at least 40km, you can claim many of your expenses involved with your move - See Canada Revenue Agency.

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