December 3, 2008

Its all about the fallen potato chip!

Its all about JosieHubby and I were all over the sofa watching TV while eating potato chips and drinking sodas. Caillee was on the sofa with us and was ever so diligent to cleaning the dropped chips from my lap but wasn’t so diligent about cleaning the dropped chips from hubby’s lap even after point out each fallen chipped. It was so funny trying to get Caillee to clean up the fallen chips. Not that potato chips are good for dogs, one or two once in a blue moon seems so harmless. Well, we were having so much fun watching Caillee clean up all the fallen chips.

Where was Josie? Keeping the cat, Seraiah, away from the sofa. Today I guess she felt it her duty to do so. But the cat did make it pass Josie’s perimeter to rest on top of the sofa head rest, it helped that Josie was distracted by the mere possibility of getting her very own potato chip that we may or may not have been waving around in the air.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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