November 6, 2008

Hyacinth visits Cali!

Hyacinth and I had an opprotunity to visit one of Hyacinth's sisters, Cali, who lives near Toronto.

Here is Hyacinth with Cali and Cali's Mom. Both had a good time running around the house and exploring. This dark blur is Cali running around. I think I was throwing a ball around.

Here is Hyacinth after a long day at Cali's house.

Here is Cali all tired out in between her mom's feet. I don't think Cali could have asked for a better spot!

Here are the two sisters all tired out.

Here is a photo of just Cali at the stair case.

Here is Hyacinth saying Good-Bye to everyone. Both Cali and Hyacinth looked like they had a good time together. It was great to re-connect with Cali's parents and to see how well Cali is doing.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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