May 17, 2008

Update from Cali

We heard from Cali today, Cali is Hyacinth’s sister and Caillee’s daughter. We love hearing updates about Cali and here is a little snippet:

“Cali is amazing!!!! She is absolutely delicious!

Can't stop hugging and kissing her and she gives it all right back. Loves hubby too! As a matter of fact she seems to love everyone she meets. She is an extremely well adjusted and happy.

She has just learned to ‘beg’. Took her a while as she was just flopping around like Jell-O. Now her balance is really good. May we ‘brag’ about her tricks and obedience commands to date? Okay... if you insist (LOL): stay, wait, sit, down, roll over, no and then okay, come, beg, go up the stairs, go bed, speak, paw (she's a righty) and down (verbal and hand gesture).”

Cali’s Mom

Cali sounds so adorable and sounds like she is doing so well. Caillee wants me to pass a message to Cali, “make sure to brush your teeth and wash your ears”. Mothers, good grief. Hyacinth also wanted me to pass along a message, “I miss you”.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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