April 24, 2008

Dog Show Tomorrow = Bath Time Tonight

Hyacinth has her second dog show weekend this weekend and therefore she needed to spend some extra time grooming. Brush, comb, trim pads, shampoo, conditioner... the works. Hyacinth tried her hardest to climb out, she almost made it one time while I had to take a phone call but I got her back in there.

Now she is running around the house thinking she is all free... running around and shaking herself out - having a grand old time.

The best part is yet to come, the blow dry! Where she begins to look like a real show dog instead of just regular Hyacinth with pig-tails.

Caillee and Josie are thankful I haven't starting looking for them. There time will come very shortly. Shhh..... Don't tell Josie, her bath time is tomorrow.
Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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