April 26, 2008

Best Puppy in Group

Yup, Hyacinth being handle by her mommy earned a Best Puppy In Group rossette yesterday at the Assiniboine Kennel Club show. She did very well in the ring... shaked her tail and did a lot of smiling. When she walked up to the judge, she looked attently at the judge while she shaked her tail... it was a picture perfect moment.

Today, I along with my husband and a friend will be watching her from the side lines. Laurel Skuba say that the pressure is on because dogs are suppose to do better with Professional handlers. It will be Hyacinth's first time with a professional handler so I won't be expecting much. I just hope she gets used to be at dog shows with a professional handler.

I am also hoping to get a photo done with the Hyacinth and the judge with her Best Puppy in Group rossette today. I hope Hyacinth has fun out there today.

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