November 11, 2007

A little update on Mim

This little one is sleeping so thought I would just give you an update. She has now learned how to go down the stairs. She stood at the top looking down and there is only 5 stairs but she barked and then backed up, went to the edge barked again and then backed up and then she went to the edge looking down and went down one stair and just stood on it for a bit and then went to the other and so on until she reached the bottom. Now she really has us on our toes because now she can do so much more than before and now it has to be taken into consideration that oh, oh, Mim can go down there now better slide the door shut. Or if she is down in the family room with us she likes to disappear upstairs all by her own little self. So now we have something to go across the door way so she can't escape us. She went visiting to the hairdressers with me and everybody oohed and awed over her. She went across the street to visit Kyla and run and play in their yard. Kyla adores her and has named one of her teeney tiny little dogs Mim.

Mim's Mom

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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