October 3, 2007

The Puppy Girls are Exhausted

The puppy girls are exhausted from their long play date in the kitchen with me as I cooked dinner today: food in the oven and puppies all over the floor. It was amusing watching Caillee play with her puppies. I found it even funnier when Caillee was walking away from the puppies and all the puppies ran behind her trying to keep up with her: all alert and tails wagging. I loved getting ‘Tina’ to chase me, rubbing ‘Juniors’’ belly, and blowing puppy kisses at ‘Goldie’.

‘Tina’ found that my lap area makes a great place to sleep but that she managed to get any before ‘Goldie’ thought the same thing and decided that she too needed to find the right spot in my lap. ‘Junior’ was far to busy exploring and getting Caillee to chase her around the kitchen. That ‘Junior’ girl better be careful with that tail of hers, she might just propel herself up, far and away. Every time I see her, she wiggles that tail so far that you can hardly tell there is even a tail there.

I also feed them a little while they were all in the kitchen. ‘Junior’ was not interested in the semi-mush I gave out but show extreme interest when I replaced the mush with hard kibbles that Caillee would eat and the puppies could play with or plain try out. Again, ‘Junior’ insists that she must show off how much of a big girl she is…. “Look at me, see I can chew the same food my mommy does” “My sisters only play with their food, look, see, I am eating it”.

Now all the puppies girls are fast asleep in their bed.

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