October 21, 2007

Long awaited update....

It has been nuts for the past two weeks or so. The puppies are growing like weeds. They celebrated their 9th week last Thursday. They had their vet check last weekend. The puppies received their vaccine shots and got the thumbs up from my veterinarian. My veterinarian agreed with me that it was best to hold off on microchipping them until the last possible moment and that one of his techs could help me out with that. That all made me feel better.

I have the funniest video of Goldie climbing the expen and escaping. She has a real knack for escaping. So far, depending on the expen setup, ‘Goldie’ can escape by climbing or squeezing through the expen; escape under the fence in the back yard; and pretty much from most enclosures I have ever made to contain the puppies together. I must post that video soon.

Secret Lives of Pretty In Pink Dogs

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