September 23, 2007

Update & Photos of the Puppies

This morning was wet from last night's thunderstorm and so I thought it was so great that we all had the opprotunity to go outside yesterday and now again it thunderstorming. There was some time in the midst of all this thunderstorms that it was sunny out and dry. So we all went outside. And yes I have a new video of their experience coming very soon. Just finishing it up.

I do have new photos!

Here is a photo of 'Tina'. I am positive that she will really complete someone's family some day. Look at those eyes, doesn't it just melt your heart? It sure does mine.

Here is a photo of 'Junior'. She is little mischief extrodinaire. She so reminds me of my Josie Diva Girl. I can see it now, she will be someone's diva girl.

'Little Goldie' What can I say about 'Goldie'. She is quite and all I have to say is to be very careful of those quite ones. Where 'Junior' is overtly mischievous, 'Goldie' does it all with grace. Smart, quite, and mischievous.... not a good combo for any novice hands.

Secret Lives of my Pretty In Pink Dogs

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