September 28, 2007

Fallen Pretty In Pink Dogs' Friend, Sadie

Pretty In Pink Dogs is sadden this morning by the news of a fallen angel and a loved friend. Sadie passed away this morning of lyme nephrytis (kidney failure); she was the daughter of Josie’s friends, Dante and Liv.

Sadie’s whole family (human & furry), breeder, and Josie’s friends are all completely devastated by the news. Right now as our hearts are heavy and burden it is hard to remember how much joy Sadie gave but she did, she so openly gave love and joy to everyone and received just as much back in return.

I remember when I first met Sadie, at eight weeks old; I knew her before she had a permanent name. I knew her as ‘The Lady in Red’, a nickname given to her because she was given a red colour identifier when she was born. Like her siblings, she was so much fun to play with. So full of energy, Sadie and her siblings were as smart as whips and as cute as buttons.

Here is a photo of her when she was still with her parents (Dante and Liv) at 12 weeks old. She was ready to meet her new family in Mahwah New Jersey at 7.5 months; her new mommy, Carol, was so excited with her arrival.

Over the past year and a half, Josie-pie had managed to keep tabs of Sadie through news from Carrie, Sadie’s breeder. Josie was always so jealous to hear news of Sadie’s adventures at her summer home in Pokonoes. Like Josie, she too liked to play. And boy, did she liked to play; she played, and played, and played, and cuddled too with Carol and Aiden.

She loved all toys, especially a musical mouse, a clock looking stuffed toy, and a stuffed tiger. Sadie’s favourite thing was to play with Carol. Sadie was after all was mommy’s girl.

Besides being mommy’s girl; she liked everyone and greeted everyone with open arms ; a big open heart; and a wet nose. Everyone loved Sadie in return with great wonderful fondness. How could you not, look at those eyes! She will be missed by all her friends and greatly so by Carol, Aiden, Harley (Greyhound), Chloe (cockatoo), Bailey (Caique/parrot), and Emma & Molly, the two parakeets.

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  1. Hi I was searching the internet today and thinking of Sadie when I came across this poem. To read this go to this linked web page:


  3. woofies Josey and Caillee!!! nice to meet u, and who said furbabies wasnt smart...u sooo smart josey to find ur way back in da house...and i very sworry about sadie, i am sure she was well luved...

    b safe,

  4. Cute dog, sorry to hear about your loss.