June 7, 2007

What have I done?

I just sent my Caillee off on a plane this morning to Toronto to get knocked up. My little princess pumpkin girl..... It's still morning, she hasn't been gone that long and already I miss her.

Lots of thought and planning went into this but I was hoping it wouldn't happen just yet. She could have waiting a little longer. Her innocience... oh those eyes, can I still look at her loving eyes the same way after knowning that I sent her off to get ravaged by a handsome horny stud.

His name is Alphy, Can./AM. CH. A Maiden Effort's Heartbreaker, orginially from the Netherlands, and a Canadian Champion. I am hoping that he will be a fine first time match for Caillee. So if all goes well, Caillee might be having some puppies in August.

Oh, my poor pumpkin girl....

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