June 12, 2007

I am a Diva and don't you forget it!

Josie here....

There have been some rumors going around that I missed out on having a personalized collar and that Caillee has one and I don't. Let me set the record straight. Mommy put in the order for my personalized collar long before mommy ever order a collar for Caillee. Just because there is a picture of Caillee's collar available doesn't mean my isn't better, pinker, and more wonderful. Mine works better too. I don't know, it just does. Don't question me.

My collar was made my friend's mommy, www.agilityq.com, Bella, my friend, personally supervised the making of my collar.

with love and kisses,


  1. Hi Josie, you sure are a lucky Hav'! My mum made that collar for you and Caillee, and she didn't make one for me...Mum says my checkered board racing flag collar is enough for me for now. Mum says, "The cobbler's kids have no shoes"...I'm not sure what that has to do with collars!?

    By the way, Hav your heard about our small dog agility team? see me here on a t-shirt!http://www.agilityq.com/Agility_Q_Team.html
    We are the Agility QT's!

    Wag wag, Bella

  2. I completely protest. Bella, how long have we been friends? I am so mis-understood.....


    I am surrounded by Havanese....

    I am a Bolognese.... itn't you guys notice my Italian accent?


  3. I told you she is more my friend than your friend....