May 26, 2007

Two Dogs Paying, a Havanese and a Pug

I am not sure if I posted this video already but it is simply too cute to resist. Caillee is the fluffy black dog and Daisy is the Pug, my friend's dog visiting.

I love how Caillee takes a break in side the crate under the table from Daisy and Daisy looks dumb founded that Caillee in there and she's not.

I hear Daisy is on a diet these days. She looks pretty good in this video. I have been told she looks a little different these days, hense the diet I hear she is on now. I hear that Diasy is no longer alowed to have a Tim-Bit when Daisy and her daddy go to Tim Hortons. The shame! That leads me into another story about Josie and McDonalds which I think I shall right about some day.

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