May 22, 2007

Caillee is an escape artist!

This May long weekend, Victory Day Holiday, I really needed to work on the front lawn and front garden area. Josie and Caillee couldn't spend time in the front since there is nothing to contain them there, so they were contain the in back yard so they could still enjoy the fresh air.

While working in the front yard, Caillee would come up from behind to greet me. With those deep mystic eyes of hers I was sure she was saying "mommy, you left be behind but I found you and all is well now." This happened many time during the first day and I had assumed that someone had left my make shift gate slight open not knowing that she would be able to sneak out. After a while I realized that no one was leaving the make-shift gate slightly ajar... she had worked her way out each time.

By Monday I had boulders firmly holding the make-shift gate in place. By Monday afternoon when a temporary board was removed that was blocking the large gap in the front fence she managed to squeeze under the fence looking for me. The gap will be permanently taken care of soon but it seems as long as I am in the containment area with her she doesn't seem to care that there still lays an escape root.

Josie's interpreted comment on the whole matter... "Young pups these days".

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