April 7, 2007

Preparing for a Havanese Puppy Party

I sometimes like to know who people coming to my site and someone came to my site looking for information on 'preparing for a Havanese Puppy Pa' I assumed the rest must be 'party'. What a lovely idea. Snow has melted, still cold out but even in Winnipeg Spring and Summer surely will come. Perhaps I should hold my very own Havanese Party this summer, all ages invited, their owners too.

I was talking to a friend of a friend who works for Nestle and they are coming out with Doggie Icecream, I would never buy it for my own dogs as a regular treat but perhaps I could as a novelty item for the party and watch all the Havs lick away their individual bowels of icecream.

I don't have enough lawn chairs so all the Havanese owners would have to bring their own lawn chairs. I could also ask them to bring a dessert and drink. I could have my husband cooking away on the B-B-Q making us all hot dogs and hambergers.

Caillee and Josie would have to share some of their toys.

I could get my hubby to figure out how to get music happening outside.

I would have to repair the lawn, getting it looking somewhat nice again, those of you with dogs might totally get what I am talking about.

I could also have my hubby go around and take pictures with his fancy camera. Ok, so he will be the offical cook, enterainer, and photographer. I wonder if he will charge me for all these services.

Oh, the ideas are just flowing.... I'd have to pick a date..... invitation cards.....

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