March 31, 2007

All this recalls just after I switched back to kibbles....

What a large list of recalls, mostly canned cat food from certained brands. I think there was some canned dog food as well but not many.

I over heard a pet store sales clerk talking to someone on the phone how no one is buying anything canned, kibble, or treats from those recalled brands. She was namely talking about Iams and Eukanuba, what looked like the two major brands they sell.

For more specific information what what specific products were recalled, it would be best to visit Menu food's website.

Someone actually took the trouble to make a list and contact all sorts of manufactures to asked them about their products and the food recall, we could all take advantage of their hard work. It was found on

I have my dogs on Proplan for adult dogs right now and I would love to know more about Orijen, even on Orijen came off smelling like roses. Does anyone have any experience with their dogs on Orijen?

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