February 13, 2007

Dasiy Update.... One Week Later

Daisy has been here for a whole week so far; yesterday was a pretty bad day for Daisy. I don’t think she went ‘potty’ once all day. I didn’t see her do anything and neither did my husband. I don’t really want to see Daisy needing to go to the vet again for this so I have been adding a bit of pumpkin to your moist food. So far, this seems to be doing the trick.

Not only did we not see her go potty all day, she didn’t eat breakfast… no big deal… she can go hungry all day and eat again at dinner. Worked fine.

Not only did we not see her go potty all day; she didn’t eat breakfast; and she cried most of the day since 4:30 yesterday morning. When one of my boarders came home, she started up again with her crying and cried for 2 hours straight! Cry, Cry, and Cry… She was really getting on my nerve yesterday.

Again today she started crying since 4:30 in the morning. I am super tired and trying to fit off a cold. No potty problems today though I still can not get her to go to the bathroom while the other dogs are outside with her.

Daisy is a marvellous drama queen and really knows how to play it up and pull on the heart strings. I thought I had made it clear after the first two days she was here that diva-play is not tolerated here. I look at Monday as a set back and I am hopefully that daisy can stop crying and go potty outside when she is asked to. That will be a successful stay!

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