February 15, 2007

Daisy Update... Day 10

We win a battle here; we lose a battle there.

For example, I thought Daisy was doing so much better in the past few days, except for the ‘catch me if you can game’ outside when I am in a hurray to go. Daisy decides that she needs to do a number 2 in the kitchen and then I am chasing her around, and around, and around the kitchen table to get her to finish her business outside. Oh yeah, she knew she was in trouble… She was running and running, pooping and running. Kevin caught her and got her to finish off outside.

I took her outside again just before bed. She went right away – great… that pumpkin must be working! After she was finished, she sat nicely in front of the gate, ready to be picked up and taken in…. oh the praises she got! Now that’s a good girl.

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