February 9, 2007

Daisy at our house update...

Daisy has been really good today. She has started to learn that crying and wailing to get your way doesn't work at this house but of course Josie could have told her that; she is the diva extraordinaire in this house.

She is eating but not the amounts instructed so at least she isn't starving herself while she stays here.

Daisy got alot of play time with Caillee today. Josie doesn't seem to be all that interested in playing with her; she is a Diva you know.

Sorry no pictures tonight.


  1. Hi Juanita,

    Orlando is great! Glad to hear that Daisy has let up a bit. My whole family watched the video of her playing with Cailee. We're glad to hear that she's in good hands.


  2. Hi Juanita!

    Is this working? I tried to post earlier but I'm a web moron. Two things: 1) glad to hear that Daisy isn't too too annoying and 2) I'm sure I've gained weight.

    Take care,

  3. She is cry a whole lot less... I am going to post another update later on this evening. I am glad to hear the video worked for you. I will try to post another one.