January 30, 2007

Is there anything more pitiful...than a dog with an Elizabethan collar?!

Marj's Havanese Ricky had a neuter surgery recently.

'We had to get an Elizabethan collar for Ricky on Saturday when we saw he was licking way and making the site of the surgery red. We don't have it on him 24/7 . I like to remove it for some good play time where he can run a lot and get his exercise. I put it back on once he slows down and start licking up again. NOT easy with all that hair to fit the collar around him! lol

He tends to be a little mopey with the collar on. We're talking about human feelings in dogs. Ricky is sure showing us that a dog can be sad and miserable!

Submitted by Marj, Quebec

Doesn't Ricky look so sad?

Isn't that the sadness looking dog in the world? The the little bit of white hair curling up makes it look like he is pouting.

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