December 1, 2006

Josie went missing again last weekend - it was horrible!

We had quit the scared last weekend; Josie was lost for three terrible hours on Saturday. Josie went out with daddy to photo nature at a local park with lots of bushes and trees. I can just imagine what happen, Josie’s daddy let go of the leach only for a second, just so that the camera doesn’t shake while he tries to get that perfect shot. Well, you can imagine this yourself, a second quickly turns into two and then three and when he turned around to collect her again she went off exploring without him. I am sure photography might be a little boring for Josie.

He looked and looked, and then decided to come home to drop off his gear and ask me for some help. I wasn’t ready to leave the house so he went back with out me. I quickly got ready and took Caillee with me. I explored routes all the way to the park; looked closely at each car as they drove by; explored the whole park; called everywhere; asked every person Caillee and I meet at the park; and still no Josie to be found.

Caillee, hubby, and I were frozen so we went home without Josie. I had hubby call the local humane society and report Josie lost. I quickly made a lost dog poster with the information I had in her pet passport I made last year. While I was making the poster, I had hubby call some local vet offices too. Poster on a memory stick and ready for the printers but there was no need for that mass printing anymore. The local humane society called to say that a lady was holding on to our dog, and asked if we could pick her up as soon as possible.

No problem, we were there in a flash. I never held on to Josie so tight before. Josie is safely back at home and being a diva again.


  1. Why do I think that Kevin is dead.

  2. Good thing he is cute and Josie came back alive and quickly.