December 6, 2006

Chocolate disaster last night....

Thank goodness I still keep Caillee in her crate, the pony sized crate, doggie apartment...... Josie got into chocolate last night. As everyone knows, if you don't you do now, chocolate is toxic to dogs and could kill them with too much ingested.

I was rather frustrated last night, I wanted to look up what to do if your dog ingests chocolate and besides the words 'call your veterinarian'. At 9 o'clock at night, you don't want to be rushing to the emergency veterinarian hospital if you don't have to. I can count the number of times I read 'time is of the essences'.... I know that, that's why I am pounding my keyboards surfing for info. I was extra fustrated when an article talked about these are things I should know before it happens and that I need to be prudent to prevent my dog ingesting chocolates. Well it happen, now what! I wanted to know what the signs to watch out for and what are the signs that signal to me that I need to call the vet now.

Guess where I found 'just the skinny' of what I needed to know to at least stop the panic. A Bichon Frise website, (us bichons need to stick together) just enough info so I can at least ask a little more intelligent questions on the phone.

After talking to soemone from the emergency veterinarian hospital, aparently I can relax, she will be find and try better to keep her away from the chocolates.

My hubby felt so bad that he left the chocolates (in its box) out on the night stand, I saw it there when we left to go out that night and I didn't think anything of it. We both should know better, not even the kitchen counter is a safe area for the dogs. That's another story I could tell you someday.

Josie seems to be doing fine this morning. I will check up on again when I get back home from work... its times like this I want to isntall a webcam so I can check up on them while I am away.... I should look into this someday.

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  1. OH lord that happened to my guys last year at heart I was told was a good indication of trouble.....Abby had nothing - not even one bounce off the wall. Her mom on the other hand was beside herself.