November 21, 2006

My husband lost my dog!

A friend of mine was over enjoying a good get together when my husband inparts one of his stories. He tells us that he lost Josie last Friday night while taking photos at a near by clearing.

"YOU LOST MY DOG!" I yelled. "Why didn't you tell me, then, that night?"

"I did. You might have been slightly sleepy when I mentioned it."

"Well, how did you get her back."

When my husband was finished taking photos, he called for Josie and she normally returns when called. This time, nothing. He had a flash light, and he could not find her. He called, and she would not come. He search high and low, and still no Josie.

When went home to face the music and to get some help in finding her. He was nearly home when he could hear Josie's unique bark faintly in the distance. Sure enough it was Josie, at the back door, barking to get into the house.

What luck; and proof that Josie may be a little smarter than the average pooch.

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