August 6, 2006

Visiting Bango and Diago

My doggies (Josie & Caillee) and I were at Bango and Diago’s house today. Everyone was having a great rump around their back yard and deck. Us human’s stayed around the patio talking, sipping ice tea, and watching all the doggies run around.

At one point Caillee jumped and fell onto their covered pool. My husband and I ran out to see if she actually fell in the pool; she did. I pulled her out right away and she seemed fine. So fine that she ran around teasing those poor boys to chases her. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, grabbing my camera wasn’t the first thought I had when trying to rescue my dog.

Of course, every time I did bring out the camera Josie was there to take center stage. Josie is my attention getter and Caillee is my pleaser. What a combination.

Caillee & Josie

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