July 18, 2006

About Woodstock

I do believe that Caillee and I had a great time at the Canadian National Havanese Specialty a couple of weekends ago in Woodstock Ontario. She even walked away with a third place ribbon for the 12-15 month old bitch Sweepstakes; I am not sure how that is worded.

Anyway, I think by the third day at Woodstock Caillee was started to feel herself. Caillee seemed either very tired or off all day on Friday. Both Caillee and I did have a very long day of traveling the day before: by air, miscommunication at the airport, then by unexpected rental car, and then had to change motels. By the time we settled down for the evening, it was nearly 4 or 5 pm and I think I even went to bed early that night.

So with Caillee being off and me being so very nervous, I am surprised we were not thrown out for looking so ridiculous in the ring. At the show was a CERF and BEAR clinics which I had pre-book appointments for Caillee. She passed her CERF and BEAR with flying colours. Tired or not, she’s healthy.

On the Saturday of that weekend, my husband brought his camera and his mother out to the dog show to watch Caillee and me in action. Caillee seemed a lot better but I was still very nervous. I now wonder if I getting so very nervous in the ring will ever go away.


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