April 2, 2006

My Pretty In Pink Dog


  1. I am the STAR of this Web blog.
    I am Pretty in Pink.
    Champion Cailee is black and is a long way from every being pink!
    Did I just make a racist comment? Oopps, my bad ... anyway, like I said this blog page is at last complete ... with me as the STAR.

  2. Josie dear,

    We talked about this. Your are a very special girl and you have your own unique and special qualities that make you you.

    It is not becoming of you to say such mean things about your sister. I think you should say your sorry.

  3. You think, I need to say sorry to that little brat. She should say sorry to me. I am not the one who stole her food, in fact she stole MY FOOD tonight. I saw her sneak in and grab my food, if I would have tried to stop her, I would have chocked on the food in my mouth. So again, tell her to appoligize to me first.