March 3, 2006

Mommy has a cold and we benefit from her company

Mommy has been sick for a few days and hasn’t been doing much at all but sleeping. It has been great for me; I have been getting to sleep on the bed all day with mom and Josie. Josie got the one side and I got the other side, I got to curl up beside mommy.

At one point mommy thought it was a good idea to give us each a bone to crew on; hoping the bone would keep us occupied for the afternoon while she continued to sleep. I was OK with that idea but I just had wish Josie would make up her mind of which bone she wanted. They were both very fine bones in my opinion; one had more meat on it but the other one seem to have more marrow on it. It’s a hard choice but I would have been OK with either one.

Well, since mommy has been sick, daddy has been taking care of us. I like it when he takes care of us; he never bothers with vitamins and omega whatever. He even lets us have whipped cream and other stuff that mom would never approve of. The only thing he asks is that we don’t tell her; it will be our little secret.



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